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Geometry x Purely Kaylie

I am so excited to share my merchandise with you! I had the opportunity to collaborate with Geometry, a collection of sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen towels. Together, we designed 8 beautiful towels that will sweeten your kitchen space.

a chocolate chip cookie towel, cinnamon roll towel, and a plaid towel hanging over an oven handle
a blonde girl hanging a plaid kitchen tea towel over a farmhouse sink

About Geometry Towels

What makes Geometry special? Geometry focuses on unique design, efficient performance, and sustainability. Their products make a beautiful addition to your home and kitchen space!

  • Design: the patterns and prints display beautiful colors, textures, and shapes
  • Performance: carefully designed for function, using ultra-absorbent & quick-drying Geoweave™ fabric
  • Sustainability: made from post-consumer materials to reduce waste and conserve water during production

Use the code PURELYKAYLIE to get 15% OFF all towels!

cookie crumble geometry house kitchen tea towel

Inspired by gooey chocolate chip cookies, this cream towel shows off the most loved dessert.

Buttercream Blossoms

the buttercream blossoms kitchen tea towel made by Geometry House

This playful towel is coated with an array of colorful flowers.

Cinnamon Girl

cinnamon girl geometry house kitchen tea towel

For the cinnamon roll lovers out there! This rich brown towel displays frosted cinnamon swirls.

Clementine Sky

the clementine sky kitchen tea towel made by Geometry House

This teal towel is beautifully contrasted by sweet citrus fruit.

Strawberry Shortcake

the strawberry shortcake kitchen tea towel made by Geometry House

This neutral towel features one of the best parts of summer: juicy red strawberries!

Sweet Sunshine

the sweet sunshine kitchen tea towel made by Geometry House

Inspired by pure sunshine, this bright orange towel will instantly make anyone smile.

Coconut Waves

the coconut waves kitchen tea towel made by Geometry House

Wrapped in palm trees and coconuts, this tropical towel will transport you to the beach.

Brown Sugar

brown sugar geometry house kitchen tea towel

With an elegant and chic appearance, this neutral towel is reminiscent of sweet brown sugar.

Inspired by Purely Kaylie’s Recipes

Get the recipe that inspired the Cookie Crumble towel here!

three chocolate chip cookies beside a geometry kitchen towel
a stack of chocolate chip cookies on top of a geometry kitchen towel

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